My Setup

Below is a list of my current setup. Please let me know if you have questions about any of this stuff!

If you click on something, it will take you to the Amazon page. If you buy it or anything else in the next 24 hours on Amazon, I will get a small commission that will help support the channel. However, Amazon is not always the cheapest option, so I encourage you to look around to see if there is a cheaper place to buy (I won't make a commission, but I'd rather you save some money).

Audio and Peripherals

- Preamp: MOTU M4

- Mic: Shure SM57

- Headphones: Audio Technica M40X

- Keyboard: Red Dragon K582

- Mouse: Corsair Nightsword RGB

- Monitors: Lenovo L24q-30 (x2)

Similar to above, if you buy a game at GamesBillet by clicking the above link, I will get a small commission that will help support the channel.

Below are some games that I have recently played, beaten, or have in my backlog:


Warzone (well not for now, since Activision/Blizzard is a terrible company)

Sea of Thieves

Hell Let Loose

Single Player


Lost in Vivo

Among the Sleep

Layers of Fear 2


Portal 1 and 2

Outer Wilds


F.E.A.R. (series)

Recently "Completed" (I rarely 100% achievements):

South Park: The Stick of Truth


Red Dead Redemption 2

Song of Horror

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


It Takes Two

Black Mesa

The Medium

Destroy All Humans!

Apsulov: End of Gods

Resident Evil 3

Gray Dawn

Spec Ops: The Line

Little Nightmares 2


Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Doom 3

Cube Escape Paradox

games I highly recommend


Shadow of the Colossus

It Takes Two

Resident Evil 2/3/7

Little Nightmares 1 and 2